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 Ethan Young

  Ethan is a 10th grade student at Eastport South Manor School District. He began his cello journey in the 4th grade with orchestra teacher Ms. Rachel Macleod whose guidance and encouragement led to many opportunities in and out of school. Ethan studies privately with Mrs. Annette Perry-Delihas and is a member of her studio’s cello ensemble. He is also a member of The Brookhaven Art and Music Young People’s Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble since a young age under Phil and Kelly Gelfer. In 2017, Ethan auditioned for The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and earned a spot with the Principal Orchestra under Phil Preddice. Additionally, he attends The Southampton Strings Festival Summer camps and workshops receiving guidance from Jesse Tortorice and other talented musician coaches. 

  Consistently nominated based on his skills, Ethan performs regularly at various music educator festivals hosted by the Suffolk County Music Educator Association, The Hampton Music Educator Association, and The Long Island String Festival Association.

  In the 9th grade, Ethan performed at Carnegie Hall and toured Europe with The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.  MYO performed at The Grunewald Church in Berlin, The Dresden Kreuzkirche Church, The Czech Museum of Music, St. Stephen’s Cathedral of Vienna, and the MOM Cultural Center in Budapest. In between performances, the group toured many places rich with history which made for an amazing experience and one he won’t soon forget.

  Ethan has performed in numerous community events with EEYQ and enjoys the friendships, the chamber music they create, and the opportunity to share the music it with so many enthusiastic audiences. He is very grateful for their coach Chris Shaughnessy’s guidance. 

Ethan heart ball